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November 4, 2016    
Promasnap® Fire Rated Floor Drain introduced at Site Safety Forum

At the Site Safety Forum 2016 being held on July 14, the General Manager of Promat International (Asia Pacific) Limited introduced Promasnap® Fire Rated Floor Drain. The forum was co-organised by Hong Kong Housing Department and Occupational Safety and Health Council 2016.

     Floor wastes in wet areas are notoriously difficult to seal in the event of a fire. The lack of a pipe stack above the floor level means that the floor grate offers little protection from fire and smoke once the pipe work has burnt through. The PromaSnap® Floor Waste System is designed to provide an effective but simple solution for water proofing and the leveling of the screed for tiling and water flow from the floor.
PromaSnap® Floor Waste System is comprised of:
1. An outer cap that will keep concrete, water and rubbish out of the pipe work during construction. This cap is positioned flush with the finished floor slab to eliminate any trip hazard and enable the slab to be floated off, obstacle free.
2. A central core (with a cap) that can be adjusted to the correct screed height for the finished (tiled) floor.
3. A puddle flange that can be set at the exact height of the finished slab.
4.  A base that will hold the pipe in place during a concrete floor slab pour.

     PromaSnap® Floor Waste System, with its built-in puddle flange, providing the installer optimum conditions to work with a waterproofing membrane.
     Website: www.promat-ap.com/en/products/promasnap-collar