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August 29, 2017    
Abain Apartments - Brisbane CBD
Sunland Group have designed and constructed a number of architecturally defying projects across Australia.  G James Glass and Aluminium were challenged to implement the conception of the fascinating glass façade around Abian Apartments. The challenge of soffit connections in addition to the millimeter accuracy required, pointed to only one option, the “OrbiPlate system”.
     G James Glass and Aluminium approached RamsetReid which OrbiPlate allowed 20mm tolerance and eliminated the pain of marking out and installation of post installed anchors.  The placement of each steel member needed to be millimetre perfect to marry up with regular surveyor checks in order to fit the glass panels.

Testimonial from Darshan Naik, G James Glass and Aluminium Project Manager:
     “I believe using the OrbiPlate fixing option was at least 30% quicker than our original design”
     “OrbiPlate provided tolerance in every direction and allowed fabrication of steel to be done without a site measure of the El-ephant Foot ferrule locations.”
     The patented OrbiPlate system delivers connection tolerances of 20mm in any direction. It is comprised of an 80mm main circular washer with an elongated slot surrounded by serrated teeth that provide the effective mechanical lock with a secondary, smaller washer used to position the main structural M20 bolt as required.
     Website: www.ramset.com.hk