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December 18, 2018    
TUPO 8 Automatic Wall Plastering Machine
Introduced by Paul Y Engineering, a main contractor in Hong Kong, TUPO 8 Automatic Wall Plastering technology enhances speed, safety and efficiency in construction. It also creates a more environmentally-friendly working environment at construction sites. 
     The TUPO 8 wall plastering machine secured a Gold Medal at the 44th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva. The machine can plaster sections of wall up to a height of 5 metres above ground, is operated remotely and works automatically, eliminating the risk of workers arising from working at height. It also enhances quality and efficiency by providing a uniform standard of smooth and stable plastering throughout a building with automatic positioning system device, reducing the incidence of uneven quality common in manual wall plastering. Meanwhile, it is capable of working on a wider surface than manual wall plastering, thereby supporting sustainability by increasing productivity while reducing material waste.